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A new look and a huge increase in sales for Ratbagg


Ratbagg was launched in 2014 and is a joint collaboration between Collingwood footballer Dane Swan and his business partners, and mates, Decca and AB, They offer unique streetwear for those who have a bit of ratbag in them, just like Dane and his crew.

Ratbagg’s vision is to take on the other major streetwear brands with a full range appealing to men (and some ladies) here in Australia and New Zealand.

Migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify

When our team was first asked to help with redesigning their online store, the current store was being run using WooCommerce via a Wordpress site. The guys were finding the front end customer experience slow and confusing and the back end reporting and day to day running, difficult to manage. It was our suggestion, based on their requirements, that we migrate the store to Shopify. The Ratbagg team was looking for ease of reporting with a no fuss approach to maintaining their store so Shopify became the obvious choice.

Design & Navigation


The design process was mainly down to selecting the right look and feel for the business that complements their brand and customer base. Modern fonts with stunning images along with ease of navigation to ensure a lower bounce rate were key to the success. We choose to use the Shopify 'Mega Navigation' dropdown feature meaning we could have multiple collections within the one main menu link - Shop. Individual images were set for each item within the mega nav so customers can see the type of product they link too.

In addition we couldn’t look passed the importance of mobile devices and the store was built with tablets and mobiles in mind especially as their key demographic of customer, males in their early 20's, who are more likely to purchase on the move.

Improving sales and conversions

Since the launch of the new site Ratbagg has enjoyed a 30% increase in sales with a much higher than average conversion rate of visitors to purchasers and a lower bounce rate. In addition it is interesting to note that over 50% of sales are via a mobile device so our teams viewpoint that we concentrate on making the site fully mobile responsive seems to so far be paying off.

"The team at Insider Media Group are truly amazing and professional. Our website and business has gone to the next level because of their expertise and knowledge. We highly recommend them to anyone wanting top notch service. You will not be disappointed with these guys."  - Ratbagg Team