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Shopify comes to Melbourne

Shopify Offices Insider Media Group.jpg

As a team of Shopify experts we love being able to create great Shopify stores and empower our clients to be able to maximise their e-commerce business, and their overall use of Shopify and its great range of tools and features. We feel that Shopify is the ultimate long-term solution for the e-commerce industry so it was great to hear the news that Shopify has now opened permanent offices right here in central Melbourne, the first physical office in the APAC region.

A couple of us at Insider Media were invited to the offices last week and were thrilled to meet some of the local Shopify crew members who are on hand to help, not only customers but also partners and developers to ensure the best online stores continue to evolve and improve. It is well known that Shopify is a global force for cloud based e-commerce solutions but it is always a positive sign when a cloud organisation invests locally with a local team.

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