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Shopify and Apps make a perfect partnership

One of the main reasons our team here at Insider Media Group love working with Shopify is that with the addition of third party apps available through the Shopify app store, any store can be taken to the next level with increased visitors, higher conversion rates and more control over inventory levels.

We are always asked by our customers our opinion on the best apps in the marketplace for new startup Shopify stores so below we have listed a couple of our favourites. For more info on what app's will work best for your store simply contact us on 03 9090 733 or for a free consultation.

Modify Promotional Lightbox

Our team is always preaching to our customers that the best way to generate sales is to build a list of prospective customers. Unfortunately Shopify only has a small newsletter subscription box in the footer as standard so unless you are using a premium theme with a built in lightbox we recommend the Modify Promotional Lightbox.  The app works by launching a small lightbox when new or infrequent visitors enter your store. The lightbox will simply ask for email details in return for an offer of your choice i.e 10% off your first order or Free Shipping code available.  The email details entered can simply be uploaded to a list management provider such as Mailchimp for future email campaigns and offers.

Olark Live Chat

To bridge the gap between a bricks and mortar physical shop front and an online retail store a greater emphasis on customer service is required. One of the major pitfalls of online retailers is to not provide enough information to customers on the range of products and services available and to not be available to chat to customers apart from long delays between emails. Olark Live chat can be easily customised and installed onto any Shopify store and allows your customers to ask questions live for any shop owner or their team to answer. If a shop owner is a one man band or isn’t always sitting in front of their computer then no problem as Olark can be easily installed via a chat facility on to most smartphones.