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Patience is a virtue, especially with Google

So you have launched your new Shopify online store or your shiny new website and you're officially open for business and now you're wondering ‘why is Google not displaying my website’? It can be frustrating to see your site not appear on Google but it is worth remembering that Google has literally millions of sites to index and things are done in an orderly fashion and all good things take time.

How does Google index sites?

Google has one job and one job only and that is to provide the most relevant result for someone’s search but how does it know what is relevant and what sites to show in what order?

Once a new site is sent live to the world it is in our nature to want to see our new sites proudly displayed within Google’s organic search but with millions of sites in existence it is logical to assume that unless you tell Google you exist then how will it find you.

Google finds sites by sending out lots of robot software to crawl the web that subsequently read sites and assess their content for suitability and for inclusion within their search engine. It may sound like you're reading something straight out of a Hollywood script for the Matrix or Terminator but in reality it is nothing more than a sophisticated program that reads your site, checks the layout and images and then allocates a search ranking depending on the relevance to a number of search terms.  The search terms relate to what someone searching for that product or service may type such as ‘Accountants in Melbourne’ or ‘Buy sunglasses online’.

Google doesn’t put a time limit on when they will start crawling your site but one way to speed up the process, and to pro-actively come into Google’s radar, is to submit your sitemap to Google using Google WebmasterTools. This is also where you can ask google to crawl all your sites pages leading to quicker indexing. This tool is completely free and simple to use but although there is still no guarantee that Google will start indexing your new website, at least they put you a little more in the driving seat and hopefully will get your site proudly displaying on Google sooner rather than later.

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