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Mobile first for Shopify


It will come as no surprise but with the increased use of smartphones it was only a matter of time that this in turn would come with an increased use of using smartphones for applications other than making phone calls, taking selfies and checking social media.

Over the last few years there has been a huge increase in the use of smartphones for making payments, with a recent Paypal report stating that nearly three-quarters of smartphone users in Australia are spending money via their phones. These findings clearly show a demand for mobile payments by consumers but staggeringly only 51% of Australian online businesses are mobile optimised with only a 2% increase from 2016. An even more staggering finding by Paypal is that 36% of the 49% of online businesses that aren’t fully mobile responsive don’t believe their customers will ever want to make a purchase online and 37% having no plans to build a responsive site. That's crazy!

Of course it isn’t just online stores that are seeing an increase in smartphone purchases with bill payments, ride sharing such as UBER, music sharing sites like Spotify and a variety of in app purchases seeing the bulk of the mobile payments. However it is clearly evident that to stay ahead of the curve online stores need to think ‘mobile’ and make sure their user experience (UX) is enhanced for mobile browsing and Ecommerce.

Thankfully when it comes to Shopify all new store designs are automatically optimised for seamless mobile browsing without the need for lots of extra style tweaks. In addition, the Shopify experts team at Insider Media Group will make sure no stone is left unturned with all projects ensured that they are ready for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet so that any online business doesn’t miss a sale.