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Make working from home, work for you

For many small and new business’s including those that especially involve running an online store or consultancy, working from home has become extremely commonplace. 

The advantages to working from home can often outweigh the negatives - the end of the daily commute, the zero office space costs plus more time to spend with the family can be a huge draw card but without a clear head and motivation it can be extremely tempting to find anything else to do that isn’t work.

Below are a few tips to keep a level head while working from home that you should do every day:

Get Dressed

This may sound obvious but the temptation to work in your pyjamas, active wear or even worse nothing but your underwear is real. Get up at a set time everyday and get dressed so you look the part to start work.

Get Fresh Air

Just like the most productive workers in an office you need to get fresh air so step away from your computer and take a minimum of 10 minutes walk outside to get a much needed break and some vitamin D into your system.

Get Organised

Don’t spend your day running around like a headless chicken. Every day have a to do list or a schedule of tasks and tick them off as they are achieved. Allocate a decent amount of time for each task and set realistic daily goals.

Get Timed

Regardless of whether you are working for an employer or for yourself you should use an online time sheet app such as Worktime, so that you can monitor how long you are working on each project or each client to help ascertain your productivity.

Get Space

Try to avoid working in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. If you are going to work from home on a daily basis, you need an established office space. The space should be calm yet functional to help you stay motivated.

Get Focused

Working from home may mean you don’t have to be distracted by co-workers asking you to the water cooler to moan about ‘Kevin from accounts’ but other distractions are available everywhere you look.  Avoid the old and new favourites such as TV & Social Media plus don’t use working from home as an excuse to catch up on housework.

Get Social

Working from home can be a lonely business so with a lack of daily social interaction make sure you maintain a healthy social life and don’t forget to take 5 and nip out to grab a coffee from your friendly local barista.