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E-commerce leading the retail charge

It doesn’t matter where you live, it could be the USA, UK or Australia but I’m sure you have seen the demise of the traditional high street. Retail shops are closing at a rapid rate and making way for more coffee shops, more nail salons and more fast food chains.

There are a few factors as to why shops are shutting and these could be soaring rents, market demand but the main factor that keeps on being repeated is that online shopping is growing. It is now fast becoming the standard for many types of purchases such as airline flights and hotels with standard purchases such as groceries and clothes trailing not to far behind.

With all this being said it is not all doom and gloom, customers are still purchasing goods, they are just conducting transactions in a different way and that is why it is essential for retailers to have a suitable online platform that welcomes customers wanting to make mobile purchases, tablet purchases and desktop purchases.

Our team here at Insider Media Group still favours the Shopify platform for the ease of getting your shop online and our team of Shopify experts are on call to ensure that we can link your physical shop to your online shop to ensure that you are ready to take sales wherever and however your customers wish to transact.