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Shipping - Keep it Simple

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Shipping...Shipping...Shipping...Arghhhhh!! The chat around Shipping is one of our Shopify Experts most dreaded times of a project as most customers, especially start-ups or small businesses, haven’t thought it through at all.

Having reasonably priced shipping is one of the most important considerations as around 60% of online shoppers in Australia will abandon their cart if the shipping cost is higher than expected. And 65.5% of total online orders delivered last year came with free shipping.

Shopify’s standard shipping only allows pricing by total order weight, or total order price and in Australia it can only be broken down to State. Which is OK for small items but if you are a furniture or art store for example, then it is problematic. In these cases we suggest using a 3rd party app like Ready to Ship as you can plug into many different couriers and their pricing.

But for your normal online store that is selling small and light items then stick to the most basic shipping you can such as FREE Shipping for all orders over a certain amount and a flat rate for those below. You can always factor shipping into your actual product prices so that you make sure to keep your margins in check.

So the key is - “Always Keep it Simple”