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Let your pictures do the talking with Shopify

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The old Chinese proverb that a picture tells a thousands words could not be more true when it comes to designing the perfect online Shopify store.

Our clients are always looking for the ultimate online store to showcase their latest products or to beat the competition when it comes to selling popular brands. However a common problem is where customers invest in the best designed theme layouts with great user experience, they are let down by lacklustre product images or homepage collections and promotional banners.

It is false economy to invest heavily in the site design but to rely on stock images or below standard image quality. Our team here at Insider Media will always advise on suitable image size and required quality but ultimately it is down to our clients and their budgets to provide the best images to showcase their store.

To ensure that any Shopify store is launched with the best look and feel it is a sensible idea to ensure that a substantial amount of any budget is dedicated to photo shoots and great high quality product images. Our view is that even a simple clean Shopify theme will look great with good images however an expensive custom design with all the ‘bells and whistles’ be let significantly let down by lacklustre images.

To ensure a great online store have a chat with our team of in house Shopify experts today.