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Get by with a little help from your Friends...Us!

Lets face it, launching a new business can be daunting especially if you haven’t managed an online store before, or are used to a more traditional method of conducting business.

We know that software solutions such as Shopify are a dream to use especially compared to the solutions that were available only a few short years ago. BUT they still take time to manage, especially if you are in the business of fast fashion or require regular updates of your collection categories.

There is an old saying..."it is better to work ON your business rather that IN it" and for this reason we are now offering all customers low cost monthly support packages to ensure that you can get on with growing your business rather than spending time managing your Shopify store.

With our expanding team of dedicated Shopify experts we are now, from as little as $120 per month, able to take the stress away of managing your store by offering a Shopify update package to suit your businesses needs

Some of the tasks that are included in our monthly support packages are as follows:

  • Theme tweaks
  • Menu changes
  • Product images updates or re-sizing
  • Banner image changes and styling
  • Product description updates
  • Pricing updates
  • Inventory changes
  • App installations
  • Training & Support

Our packages are flexible depending on your needs, and can focus on trouble or time consuming areas of your business.

For more information on our range of support packages contact our team at Insider Media.