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Social or Search Marketing?

The type of business you are running can have a huge bearing on what marketing channels will be best to attract the right customers.

When designing a new Shopify store or a Wordpress brochure style website for our clients the question normally always arises just prior to launch and that is ‘What Marketing strategy do you and your team suggest?’ Unfortunately there is no magic silver bullet with marketing and with every business having different budgets, customer profiles and product range marketing strategies need to be tailored to fit the business, rather than a one size fits all off the rack solution.

Our digital marketing strategists here at Insider Media work with our customers to define a clear path for a strategy with one of the leading questions that we ask ourselves is do we concentrate on search engine marketing, social marketing or both?

To define a marketing path it really comes down to what type of business are we trying to promote. And what type of customer is needed.  If the business is a new retailer that has a great new fashion label then our strategy would firstly be to uncover the target market. Then initially go down a very visual path of Facebook and Instagram marketing, until the brand is established and then look at search engine marketing once we know there is an audience specifically searching for this brand or similar. On the flip side if the customer is a financial adviser or a similar service driven business then we would lean more towards using Search Engine Marketing with Social media taking second place and even then only looking at localised Facebook & Linkedin rather then the very visual Instagram.

You can quickly see that it is worth spending time identifying what type of business you are and what you are looking to gain from marketing so that the right and most effective marketing path can be achieved. For more information please contact our digital marketing specialists here at Insider Media Group.