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5 Coolest Coworking Spaces in the World Right Now

Co-working spaces have exploded over the past few years, sweeping across the business world as a pristine breath of fresh air. There is a wide array of reasons that facilitate their success: Networking opportunities, reduced costs, ample amenities, prime flexibility, you name it.

Conventional office space is often sterile and not overly stimulating and it burdens businesses with a long lease contract. Shared workspaces, on the other hand, stand out as bustling innovation hubs, beacons that illuminate the future of the business world. 

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Proximity Space, Montrose  

Coworking is slowly but steadily becoming a norm, the new business black. Proximity Space in Montrose, Colorado, is certainly one of the heralds of this shift and a demonstration how these spaces influence their surrounding ecosystems.

Here, workers are treated with a gigabit connection, well-designed interior, lounge and chill out area, free coffee and tea, ergonomic chairs, podcasting rooms, ping pong table and many other amenities.

Proximity Space also aims to transform the local business landscape and focuses on the challenges, such as education of the youth and affordable housing, and launch regional initiatives. 


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Cape Town Office, Cape Town

In South Africa, the coworking grows strong. Cape Town Office aspires to spark innovation, spur business development, and solve practical problems for entrepreneurs.

It serves as an information center, an invaluable resource for connecting businesses with mentorship and funding. The interior is quirky and full of stunning features like Pacman murals, chalkboard, and vibrant décor solutions.

There are many dedicated desks scattered around, and it seems that those next to large windows and rejuvenating sunlight are most popular. Oh, and there is even a swimming pool for some water bliss. 

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Betahaus, Sofia

There are several Betahaus hubs in Europe, and they all tailor the work environment to the needs and wants of the workers. However, the one in Sofia, Bulgaria has caught our attention.

Betacafé is the heart and soul of this amazing space, where entertainment, but also work and meetings take place. There are many community events like breakfast gatherings that nurture teamwork, friendship, and collaboration.

Apart from table football and dog-friendliness, many workers come here for quality office equipment, Skype Room, library, kitchen, as well as to attend numerous events and workshops.

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The Cluster, Melbourne 

The city of Melbourne does not lack coworking spaces, but The Cluster towers above the rest as a true bigwig. Here, even the big businesses can find all they need.

The 2500-square-meter premises include six multimedia rooms, amazing tech infrastructure, and other amenities. The swell design the Australia’s first coworking penthouse is achieved by using striking lighting fittings, simple, yet eye-catching aesthetics, and what seems to be the most comfortable and ergonomic Melbourne office furniture around.

The kitchen is state-of-the-art as well, and there you can find adorable objects like kegs. It is clear that the Cluster caters to startups and businesses with great ambition and in need of a serious corporate infrastructure

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Urban Station, Buenos Aires

Urban Station is one of the first global networks for mobile workers. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, they have a chance to work in what is nothing short of the cream of the crop.

The space is flexible to the core, allowing workers to choose where to sit and how to use the amenities. Besides the top-of-the-line office equipment, one can find training room, bicycles, auditorium, stationary, virtual office, and meeting rooms with overhead projectors.

There are even private security, messenger, postal, and concierge services at your disposal. Even working your fingers to the bone is bearable in such a remarkable environment.

Best of the best

Corporate jobs can drain people fast, so it is no wonder that the whole army of workers is jumping ship and flocking to slamming coworking hubs across the globe. They are not just offices where you can get the job done. 

In these nuclei, entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and like-minded individuals come together to immerse in the sense of community, learning, and ingenuity. Indeed, one can melt the stress away, meet other inspiring people, and even have some fun. All in all, they represent modern workspaces at their best. 

Written by Lana Hawkins