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Increase your Shopify sales with Apple Pay

Insider Media Group Apple Pay Blog

One of the greatest challenges for online retailers is getting a conversion from store browser to customer and with more people surfing via mobile devices it is essential to offer a streamlined checkout process to encourage sales.

Shopify have always been the leaders in offering a great product for both merchants and store customers alike but they have now announced a partnership with Apple Pay that will revolutionise the mobile shopping experience.

With over 275,000 businesses using Shopify’s range of services it was vital for Shopify to embrace the mobile shopping market and with more than 60% of all checkouts now coming from a mobile device the new Apple Pay partnership will allow seamless purchasing without the need put down your device which will most certainly increase conversion rates by encouraging customers to press ‘Buy”

Apple Pay is a simple to use and secure system that uses Fingerprint recognition  ‘Touch ID’ to ensure a secure purchase with no need to complete lengthy forms or billing information thus increasing the likelihood of a sale.

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