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Don't Underestimate The Mummy Blogger

Time and time again we ask our online retail clients the same question, “What is your marketing plan?"

You may have designed the best range of jewellery & skincare or have the coolest range of T-Shirts but without a marketing plan it will be an uphill struggle simply relying on the hope that customers will just find your store and make a purchase.

We have mentioned before that the key to driving traffic and making sales is a sensible marketing campaign but with online retail growing heavily in popularity and with more competition you may need another cost effective marketing boost to start getting your brand heard and to see initial sales.

The last few years has seen the rise and rise of the blogger and in particular the ‘mummy blogger’ The sites they provide cover a wide range of topics from fashion to current affairs to healthy living.  Blog sites have now become businesses in their own right; you only have to look at and to see how popular these sites have become.

Blog sites will on occasion allow advertising, product placement or a review of your products, the blogger may also as an additional service offer social media blasts to its network followers. Fees for their services vary but as a general rule of thumb the more popular the blog the greater the cost.

We would consider using relevant blogs as a great way to help with a product launch and to gain followers, customers and brand identity. For more information on how to access our network and to negotiate great advertising rates on your behalf talk to our digital marketing team today.