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Australia Finally Joins The Party With Online Retail

If there is one thing for sure when it comes to online retail, Australian businesses and consumers have certainly played a ‘wait and see’ approach before embracing the e-commerce revolution. This could be seen as a smart move as it has enabled Australian business to not make the same mistakes some other early adopters overseas made however with a wave of international companies taking advantage of the uninterrupted space it wasn’t going to be long before Australian companies had to play catch-up.

In only a few short years we have seen Australian consumers appetite for online retail increase dramatically to a total of $19.2 billion spent online over the last reportable 12 months which is an increase of over 10% compared to traditional bricks and mortar stores growth of just over 4%.

E-commerce in Australia has certainly now come of age so if your business hasn’t yet embraced online retail isn’t it about time you joined the party?

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