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Facebook is no substitute for a Website

The rise of social media in business, particular utilising Facebook, has revolutionised the way in which business can now communicate with its customers. Social media has quickly become one of the first ports of call to promote new products and services, distribute new press releases and even act as a customer service outlet to deal directly with customers.

With all its positives there are numerous new businesses that are missing the trick and putting all their eggs in one basket. Facebook pages are now regularly being used as a substitute for a main information page without investing in a stand-alone website to promote its products and services. In theory it may seem like a quick and cost effective way of getting your business online but it can quickly be to your detriment. Facebook pages are not designed to be an alternative to a full website but merely to complement. Facebook pages are limited in look and feel to personalise your brand in addition to only being fully accessible to Facebook account holders.

In short don’t let your business suffer and invest in a proper website. For more information on an affordable online solution talk to our expert team at Insider Media Group today.