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A Force To Be Reckoned With

The Insider Media team were fortunate enough this week to be invited along to the Salesforce World Tour event in Melbourne and after spending a full 12 hours there, we may have been exhausted, but we would do it again in a heartbeat. From influential speakers and a business expo to the new eurovision song being performed, a playground, a pool, a food bank packing station, popcorn, coffee carts, canapes, wine and was like Disneyland for our us!

Salesforce has grown from offering cloud based customer relationship management software to now hosting a huge suite of products with a heavy focus on marketing applications that can benefit all types of business be it large or small.  One clear factor that was discussed, on many of the day’s marketing related seminars, cemented our view that the powerful use of social media in marketing is growing and here to stay.

For new business it’s always a struggle looking for ways to break into a market and with many options available it is a tough decision to decide what is right for you. Thankfully the power of Social Media, especially Facebook, has enabled any size of business in any location to target the customers it wants, rather than a standard marketing campaign that can be considerably more random.

Any marketing department 10 years ago would have rubbed their hands together with delight if they could be offered a cost efficient marketing method that allowed them to specifically target areas such as Gender, Age, Location and Likes. With Facebook all this information and much more is now available to ensure a successful campaign.

For more information talk to our social marketing team at Insider Media Group and let us kick start your brand with the customers you want.

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