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Increase your social standing with Social Media

It is no secret that to grow a new brand and to penetrate new markets a successful social media campaign should be rank highly in importance as an amazing Shopify store or shiny new website. Unfortunately getting noticed on social media can be a long hard road with very little results and even though you are fully aware that you need to share great content with the world, you are also aware that it takes time and effort to make this work.

Here at Insider Media we believe that topical content is king. New brands shouldn’t always talk about themselves but strike a balance so that the latest news and trends that have relevance to your business and promote the lifestyle around your business sector and products are being shared alongside specific brand news and updates. 

So how can your business keep tabs on what is relevant? Well here a couple of sneaky sites to take the stress out of searching for content.


Buzzsumo is at the top of our like list for a reason. Buzzsumo enables you to search for relevant content using certain keywords and then comes back with the most popular content currently being shared via social mediaThis info is useful enough but it goes even further with more granular information on how widely it has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc


Reddit is another hugely valuable source of information that scours the internet on all sorts of topics with some of the webs most interesting content coming into Reddit’s network. In addition Reddit also allows you to really get granular on finding a particular niche market with relevant sub categories available for scouring for that perfect content.

These two sites are just the beginning to get you started on the road to successful social media. For more information on Social Sharing and getting your brand noticed then talk to our team at Insider Media Group.