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You’ve got Mail!

For most managers of e-commerce stores it can be hard knowing what to send in an email to customers and potential customers and when to send them. In reality there really is only 3 types of emails that need to be sent to keep your customers engaged and to keep upping your conversion rates.

Personalised product emails

One key area that all store owners should know is to ‘know your customer !! ‘many store owners seem to think that bombarding customers with emails of new products will generate sales and to a certain extent this is true due to the old saying that if you throw enough mud some will stick . The main issue of bombarding your customer is that you run the risk of customers unsubscribing from the list due to the lack of relevant products being offered. To expand further if you were a 23 year old male who purchased a pair of mens Converse trainers from your store would you want to be seeing an email that is promoting great savings off womens shoes?

Store owners should look to group customers and understand more about their buying behavior to maximum the amount of customer activity they receive which in turn will enhance the customer experience and increase store conversions.

Abandoned cart emails

We have said this before time and time again but one of the most important emails any store owner can send is the Abandoned cartemail to try and recover a sale.

There are many reasons why a customer decides to not go through with a purchase that can range from price, delivery charges to high or simply being caught surfing the net by their boss!

Store owners should always adopt a strict abandon cart email policy to try and recover as many sales as possible and this can be achieved by offering a discount, gift with purchase or simply asking the customer nicely to come back.

Segmented content newsletters

In addition to promoting products and trying to attract sales a successful store should try and create a lifestyle approach in the same way a magazine or blogger does.

Consider sending your customers a regular newsletter that subtly promotes links to your store but in the main part offers interesting facts and features. For example if you are a Gentleman’s shirt shop you could write articles on ‘different ways to wear a suit’ or if you are a skincare store ’10 ways to keep perfect skin’

Final thoughts

These are just a few ideas to keep engaging with your customers but in short interact with your customers and take your store to them.

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