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Is Co-working the new 9-5?

As previously talked about there are many pros and cons to working from home but for a new startup one of the major cons is staying motivated.

For many small businesses and startups co-working seems the ideal middle ground between working from home and committing to a lengthy expensive office lease that comes with many other costly commitments. Co-working is a relatively new phenomenon but just like the influx of hipster food trucks setting up in major cities there are also a bunch of co-working offices sprouting up anywhere from unloved warehouses to shiny new office blocks with room to spare.

The major benefit to a user is the flexibility of using the offices as little, or as much as you want without any ties. Plus there is the added benefit of great amenities, fast internet speeds, networking opportunities and most importantly a reduced sense of loneliness when faced with a day staring at your computer or on the phone pitching for new business.

With the dramatic increase of solo entrepreneurs and small business expect to see co-working becoming the new norm.