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Build your Shopify Business

If leaving the rat race and and building a great new business isn’t incentive enough, Shopify like to offer incentives to take it one step further.  For qualifying new businesses Shopify like to offer their annual ‘Build a Business’ competition.

Shopify are yet to release details of their 2015 – 2016 Build a business competition but to be eligible for the 2014 – 2015 competition the rules were simple:
“To participate in the competition, participants must have had no sales or brand recognition prior to June 1, 2014. After the eight-month competition, we combine each entrepreneur’s best two months of sales, and the businesses that sold the most are about to pack their bags”
It may seem like a huge mountain to climb but anything is possible when building a new E-commerce online store and the prize was well worth the effort. Each winner announced in the 2014 – 15 build a business competition was awarded a five day trip to none other than Necker Island, Richard Bransons personal home.  The once in a lifetime trip to Necker Island included a seminar by many big names in the entrepreneur world including an intimate chat with Seth Godin, a well known American entrepreneur and author.
This amazing prize can literally be won by anyone with the right motivation. With only 8 months to produce amazing sales from a standing start takes guts and determination but it can be done. Lets see what happens when Shopify announce their next Build a Business competition and lets hope one of the clients of Insider Media Group are contenders.