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Sail up the Amazon to Shopify

Shopify the worlds leading E-commerce platform has recently announced a partnership with online retailer giant Amazon as it’s preferred migration partner as we approach Amazons closure of it’s Webstore’s platform. Amazon’s closure of webstore is a disappointment for many of it’s users who are typically small online retailers who wanted a simple way of offering their products to the public with the backup of Amazons infrastructure of payment processing, inventory management and fulfillment. Amazon however has decided that the venture just isn’t profitable especially when competing with Shopify that has over 175,000 merchants on the platform. 

An exciting new feature of the partnership is that a new integration will soon be available that will allow Shopify sellers to utilise Amazon services and delve into much larger global markets. Shoppers will soon be able to login to their Amazon accounts from Shopify sites and place their orders with Amazon credentials and payment methods, while Fulfillment by Amazon will open Amazon’s vast warehouses to Shopify sellers. These changes will really make it easier for merchants to take their products to a huge audience without having to rely on visitors to their online store.

“Shopify wants to be the platform that allows merchants to sell wherever they have customers,” says a Shopify spokesperson, “whether that’s through an online store, on social media, at a physical retail store or on marketplaces like Amazon.”

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