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Shopify or Squarespace?

Firstly we would like to point out that we love both Shopify and Squarespace and our expert team will give you solid advice on what platform is best for you and your business. But it is worth pointing our some minor strengths and weaknesses of each so that your business gets the right site for you.

Shopify and Squarespace are both very powerful CMS platforms that enable anyone to have a great online website and E-commerce solution without having to understand coding or spending wasted hours researching how a new site should look and feel. Obviously it still takes time getting to grips with how they both operate, plus you can of course use expert design teams to add code for that professional look and finish, but in the main they will both get a great site online with the minimum of fuss.

Both platforms in our opinion are the 'Apple' of CMS. If you are in need of a slick site or a store that has the latest designs then you need not look further than Shopify or Squarespace for their designs.

Where Shopify excels is with online E-commerce solutions. With a mountain of Free or Premium themes available then it is highly likely you will find a theme that suits your style of store and products. Once the store is designed then there are literally hundreds of plugins available that can assist with marketing, increasing sales, logistics and social media. In addition the ability to take secure payments from customers is easy with compatibility to the major payment providers.

Squarespace on the other hand does offer an extremely attractive E-commerce solution but it tends to lean towards being an addition to a site rather than the main focus. The main draw towards Squarespace that is not so easy to replicate on Shopify is the ability to host a great looking site showcasing your services or portfolio. Squarespace has carefully and thoughtfully designed many themes that are ideal for different walks of life. From an architect wishing to displays his portfolio of work to a new restaurant Squarespace really is the right solution to partner with.

To be honest whichever way suits your business or venture they are both fantastic to partner with and of course your experts here at Insider Media will help get you started and make your site as unique as your business.