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Generate more sales with Shopify

Here at Insider Media once we have designed a Shopify store for our customers the main question we get asked is how can we increase sales?

The world of e-commerce is very competitive and with over 100,000 stores using Shopify alone then unless your store is selling something unique you will need to raise your game to attract more sales. Thankfully there are many proven ways to increase sales per customer and in turn increase profits and here are a couple to whet your appetite.

  1. Gift with Purchase
    It seems old hat but the best ideas are often the most simple, if you are selling for example a range of cosmetics then think about offering a sample or test size of another product with every purchase. This is great in 2 ways as not only do customers love getting free stuff but it is also a great way of promoting more of your range that hopefully will be on their next shopping list.
  2. Remarketing
    It costs real money to obtain a new customer so it makes sense to maximise every opportunity to ensure your customers keep on coming back and don’t spend their hard earned cash with another store. It makes sense to keep on remarketing with new offers and new products. If your store sells perishable goods then make a note of when they should have run out and send reminder emails with perhaps a discount coupon to tempt more purchases.

For more detailed information and friendly advice on getting the most out of your customers then contact us here at Insider Media for more information