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Squarespace and Stripe - The Perfect Match

It is all well and good having a great E-commerce online store but if you have no practical way of taking payments then you may as well offer your products for free.

Fortunately for online retailers the payment processing market is awash with companies willing to help you successfully, and affordably, take payments via your online store. Large payment gateway and escrow organisations such as PayPal, Poli and Eway have been offering solutions to online retailers for a number of years.

In the past Squarespace has been a little left out in the cold without the range of simple plug in’s that some of the other platforms like Shopify have. Up until recently, especially here in Australia, it was the job of the web developer and programmer to build a link between the payment processor and the Squarespace online store feature. Thankfully this has now changed with the launch of a partnership with Stripe.

Headquartered in San Francisco but with a global reach Stripe is fast becoming one of the go to payment processing organisations in the world.  With lower fees than many of the rivals, and the ability to accept American Express, it is clear why they are making headway in this already crowded marketplace.

The team here at Insider Media has another reason as to why we have embraced Stripe and that is the sheer ease in linking it to a Squarespace online store/E-commerce solution. Squarespace has really embraced this partnership and has performed most of the work for the developer and the customer.  Rather than having to install a third party app Stripe is already loaded into the Squarespace platform. After quickly creating a Stripe account it really is as simple as one click, adding it to your store and your ready to accept payments, not just from Australia but overseas as well.

Here at Insider Media we are specialists in offering website design and e-commerce solutions to small businesses. Being experts in Shopify and Squarespace means we can offer unbiased advice on what solution will work best for you and your business. Contact us for an affordable and no obligation solution.