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Facebook Comes of Age

Since Facebook came into our lives in the early 2000’s no one apart from the money hungry investment bankers could see how revolutionary the social media application would be for the world of advertising.

Facebook advertising has been a slow burner, but now should be given serious thought by any new business looking to attract customers, increase sales or promote new products and services.

Unlike many other advertising mediums, Facebook allows marketing campaigns to really pinpoint and target the ideal audience. Facebook has spent years building up knowledge of its users, their likes & dislikes, jobs & relationship status, where they holiday, what music and films have they are currently into, and also very importantly where they are situated.  This valuable market research saves marketing department’s hours of research and enables in depth and granular advertising campaigns.

All this information in the palms of marketing department’s hands may seem to good to be true but how can a business get started with Facebook and what is it going to cost?

As with all new digital marketing mediums it can seem a bit of a minefield to get started. With very little human assistance at Facebook to get over the initial hurdles, it really can be an expensive learning curve of trial and error before getting it right. A few starting pointers would be to do lots of research and keep the initial daily budget low until satisfied that the right message is hitting the right target audience. 

In a similar way to Google Adwords a daily budget needs to be decided upon, this can be from as little as a few dollars a day to whatever deep pockets the marketing departments have to spend. The basic equation is that the bigger the budget then the more people will see the ad on a daily basis.

Facebook offers two main choices, one being a Cost Per Click (CPC) and the other being Cost Per Ad Impressions. It really is a flip of a coin which one to start with but depending on the size of the target audience will depend on which way to go. If the target audience is vast then perhaps a pay per click is the best route to start off with but if the target market is a niche amount but the business requires the maximum amount of exposure then paying per impressions might be the best option.

In addition to ascertaining which method of generating exposure is the most effective it is also vital to ensure that the marketing message is enough to grab the attention of potential customers. With most Facebook users experiencing dozens of new posts on a daily basis any dull advert could easily get lost among the many updates of friends on holiday. The key is to keep the message short, to the point with a great and enticing call to action and keep the ad content fresh.

A final pointer for any new Facebook campaigns is to monitor the performance. I know it sounds obvious but it is amazing how much money a marketing campaign can burn through before any real analytics is performed. It is worth A/ B testing, tweaking landing pages, changing the CTA until the campaign hits a sweet spot and starts delivering results. Google analytics should be fully utilised with tracking codes installed to monitor click thru rates and the general success of the campaign.

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