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Analyse this, Analyse that

So you have launched your new digital marketing campaign for your business, you are starting to get some great traffic and sales and all seems to be right in the world. Any normal person would be fooled into thinking that the above scenario was perfect for any business but for anyone in the know it is worth thinking again.

Its great to have sales and to think that a new campaign is working but this isn’t the bad old days when it was difficult to track where sales came from. The beauty of digital marketing is that we can delve a little deeper and see exactly what is working and what isn’t working. Lets assume that the above scenario is for an online store and they have allocated their marketing budget across a range of search and social media advertising channels such as Google PPC, Facebook Advertising and Relevant Blog sites. Spreading your marketing spend is a great way of spreading your risk and seeing what works for you, your business and your customers but how can you know what is working and what isn’t.

Tracking and analysing your marketing channels and spend is one of the first things they will teach you in marketing school. How can any business large or small know what is working without proper analytics. In the old days pre online there were less ways to market a new product plus it was difficult to monitor the success of a particular campaign. One method commonly used was to offer a coupon or discount code with a print ad which customers would have to present when purchasing, This method was simple but a reasonably effective way for marketing departments to monitor success.

Nowadays with the web pretty much monitoring your every keystroke it is much simpler and more accurate to track your marketing spend.  One of the best and free ways of monitoring your traffic is offered by none other than Google. The worlds largest search engine as we know makes its money from advertising so it comes as no surprise that Google actually wants your marketing campaigns to work so they offer not only great support to improve the quality of your ads but also a free analytics tool that can pretty much rival most paid for software in analyzing your traffic sources, conversion rates and pretty much all information regarding the visits to your site.

Creating a marketing campaign that can be fully tracked should be one of the top priorities for a new business and here at Insider Media we are happy to assist so get in touch and ask us how to get started. Contact us now.