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Stand out and be Responsive

It won’t come as much of a surprise but with the rise of smart phone and tablet use it is essential for all web sites and e-commerce solutions to be mobile ready and responsive so that they look great on any device. Not only do visitors expect a site to be a user friendly experience when viewed on a device other than a PC or Notebook it is now a requirement of search engines such as Google. In one its recent algorithm changes this year the search engine giant declared that one of the ways for a site to rank above another site in organic natural search results is if they have a functioning responsive site. It is a search engines job to ensure the best search result for its users, this not only means the most relevant content but also takes into consideration load times, popularity and now ease of use hence mobile friendly sites will rank higher. 

Depending on what stats are to be believed, as they are rather sketchy, it is estimated that there are still an estimated 80% of websites that are not yet fully responsive with many owners of websites not even realising what responsive sites actually are.  With so many sites worldwide that need to be updated it is vital for us that our customers hit the ground running with an important edge. All of the sites developed at Insider Media regardless of whether they are designed by our experts on platforms such as Shopify or Squarespace are automatically fully responsive and will automatically resize for the best visitor experience. Don’t upset your users by zooming on unclear pages and tapping on temperamental menus and opt for a responsive site instead.