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A passion for the decadent drives Atelier Confidentiel

Our team at Insider Media are fortunate enough to work with some fascinating people and businesses. One of our recent projects was to work with the 2 ladies behind a luxury home-wares and accessories store Atelier Confidentiel. We migrated them to a new Shopify e-commerce solution that we are sure will deliver more sales and provide better brand awareness for their store. 

As Atelier Confidentiel is so unique we thought it would be interesting to learn more about the team behind the business and the plans for the store going forward.

How was the business started? What was the inspiration and what were you doing before?

We met and decided we wanted to bring to the Australian market our approach to fashion and lifestyle. We do love what exists on the market already but sometimes felt that we could see a lot of the same thing and that a bit of diversity could be good. Being French and Brazilian and having travelled and lived around the world our style is quite cosmopolitan with a strong classic lead.  

Steph: I have been a consultant and buyer for Japanese Businesses of luxury, quality items from around the world for the last 16 years. Always have loved interior design and decoration. Have grown up surrounded by beautiful classic tableware, furniture and porcelain in particular as it has been a family business.

Maisa: I have a background in business and mainly worked in strategic planning and marketing in South America and Europe. Leather has been a family business and it was natural to use that strength in the business.

Where did you receive the inspiration for your range?

From our multicultural background, we both love elegance and the French timeless style. Life is fun and we constantly try to reinterpret classical with a touch of trendy. We design all our products ourselves and get them made by selected suppliers.

Do you use many suppliers or a select few?

We are both very attached to quality and craftsmanship. We have selected only a few “Ateliers” that we can trust and are capable of delivering the quality we are looking for.

How do you source your range?

Our leather range is made in Brazil, which is a top supplier of quality leather in the world and renowned for its excellent craftmanship.

Our porcelain range is made in France. The white porcelain comes from Limoges, very famous for its quality and is designed by a French atelier existing since 1947.

Where do you see the majority of growth coming from Atelier Confidentiel?

We think there is still a large potential for us in the Australian market. Everywhere we go we have positive a response for our products be it the leather or the porcelain. We believe the next step would probably be looking at international markets 

Do you have plans to increase you product range?

Our main goal is to propose products of excellent quality that reflect our brand image of classical French elegance. We believe there is space for new products within the current ranges (leather and porcelain), and these are certainly underway. However we would like to concentrate on products that we feel will make a difference in our customers lives.

Do you have plans to open any physical shops or to have concessions in department stores?

This is something we will definitely consider at the right moment. As for now we would like to concentrate on our online shop and brand recognition.